The Code Experience

Blogs like this saved me days of problem solving. Usually just the small specific quirks that somebody encountered and solved before you.

Also since I never formally studied Computer Science, blogs like this pretty much taught me how programming works, and how you should do it.

It's time to give something back.

About Me

I'm Reto Schläpfer and graduated in Banking & Finance at the University of Zurich. While studying, I worked in the accounting department of a mid-sized company, so you can say that I am originally a business guy.

I always liked to figure out stuff, so I taught myself SQL, some VBA (I was 17 the first time I used VBA, and it took me two month of massive copy-pasting to figure out there was a for loop, because nobody told me about it).

I created uneducated scripts for all kinds of business, finance and poker stuff(yes - Poker, lot's of math, probability, uncertainty... right down my alley). This got serious when I was hired to write a backend for a financial research application in MATLAB.

At one point I stumbled upon pandas, a Python data analysis library. I realized that this was way better than how I was doing stuff, and after reading some thoughts about programming from Wes McKinney, it clicked in my brain and I figured out the essence of programming. Since then I obsess about the quality, clarity and simplicity of code.

I wrote the backend of concat in Python and hired to do the frontend. Being interested in pretty much anything that has a certain complexity, it didn't take long to get me interested in frontend development.

And that's how I became a programmer.